Friday, August 01, 2008

Mark Gets Remaindered!

Some people in the edubloggosphere are taking a post-a-day in August challenge (and a meaningful post at that)...I know I can't do meaningful, but I'm going to try to the daily post part at least. I'm so behind...I have day in the life posts and lots more pending! So...why not start with the trip Mark and I took to the bookstore yesterday, and finding his book *remaindered*!

His book...that would be The Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four - he was the fourth author (tht is, wrote the fourth largest number of entries) so he didn't make it into the cataloging record, alas...

Here's a very bad phone-camera picture as proof:


Cole said...

Give it a shot with me. Not sure any of us can actually muster "meaningful" on a daily basis, but that is the fun. Looking forward to following along!

Lorena said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Cole - I needed something to get me going with this!